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The North Star Design is a young and dynamic Italian company specialized in the design and production of hi-end audio equipment at higher technology and refined sound. From the beginning it has proposed on the market products that meet the new digital standards like Model 3, a DAC 96kHz-24bit (1998) and Model 4, an upsampler 96kHz-24bit (1999) which have represented a reference for the audiophiles of all the world. In 2001 the North Star Design introduced the new Model 192, a DAC with built-in upsampler able to convert a digital input signal until 192kHz-24bit and (in 2002) a top loading CD-Transport based on a full metal CD-PRO2 Philips mechanism; a I2S standard connection between the DAC and CD-Transport insure a very low jitter error in the digital signal path.
In 2003 we have developed an amplification system based on a stereo preamplifier and monoblock power amplifiers. Completed in 2004 with a very versatile and silent phonostage.
New for 2005 the converter family of the North Star Design is enlarged with the quality DAC Extremo.
2007 Northstar's first integrated CD-player: Sapphire is brought to the market

In every our product there is the love for the music and its correct reproduction. The R&D works in tightened collaboration with the listening group; from this interaction ideas and guidelines are born who allows to comprise the problems better and to find the right solutions.

At North Star Design we think that the quality audio does not have to be only for few; our products are all characterized for the highest audio quality and the lower price that places them as the best buy in their class of price.

Our philosophy is to have in a price class only one system which represents the NSD sound at this price The units can be subject at up-grade available always for the old units. A new unit need to perform significantly better to be introduced in our catalogue. So our units represents a long time investment with a very high second hand value. In each moment you can ask North Star Design for a unit check-up or upgrade availability or warranty extension. We think that the value of a product is increased by the support value at the customer.

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